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C team fly the flag for Kendal

Kendal C team were at home this week to Penrith trying to hold onto their position 3 in the league table.

Ian Garnett versus Alan Reading at number 5: with Ian’s form this season it was his turn to win and Alan was not up for stopping him. From the off Ian looked more himself then previous weeks, settled and in control taking the first set 15-5. The second and third set were much the same with Alan having no answers and looking lost, Ian taking his chances with high lobbing and position serving, 15-8 and 15-5 taking the match 3-0 Kendal.

Joel Howse games against Mark Jackson at number four were a lot closer but Joel did not drop a game on his way to victory, taking the match 15-12, 15-13, 15-11. Steering the second game of the night Kendal’s way 3-0.

Russ Lilliebridge in at the number 3 spot taking on another lefty Mark Rhodes.
The first set seemed to go more Russell’s way as he moved ahead 15-7. The second set Mark started to make his move, moving ahead at first and apparently taking control. However with some longer rallies and some good (lucky?)  the aussie managed to hold on 15-10. Mark gave Russell something to chase in the third again moving ahead in points, but again Russell pulled them back ending 15-12. Sealing the early win for Kendal C 3-0.

Next up Gary Major versus the experienced Richard Utting, at 60 years old (nearly)still giving Gary a run for his money. The first time you play Richard, no matter who you are, I think you are thrown by his high “tennis serve”. Gary was no exception. First set 6-15 to Richard. In teh sexcond, Gary settled in a bit more but was still being wrong footed too many times by the old timer, going down again 8-15. Crunch tim: Gary had to dig deep to stay in the match taking Richard by surprise and not slowing down. Gary took the vital third 18-16 pushing it to a fourth. With Gary still holding on and Richard throwing the serve high in the air, the fourth proved to be the final game and the match went Richard’s way 9-15. Match 1-3 Penrith.

In to bat next, the number ones, Chris Hoyle versus Graham Silburn. Chris’s games often involve some dispute on court and this game had all the controversy of PriIme Ministers Questions. To the relief of the harangued marker the match finished in four with Graham taking teh honours for Penrith 10-15, 12-15, 15-13 & 12-15. Match 1-3 Penrith.

Taking the night by 3 matches to 2 and the 16 points keeps Kendal C in 3rd place for another week. With both the A team and the B team yet to win a fixture the C team are flying the flag for Kendal.

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