Draw for Simon Storey Handicap

First round of the Simon Storey Handiicap tournament takes place on Thursday 26th November
The draw is posted at the club. Players please be in good time for your match and be prepared to mark other matches.
Second round, plate first round and semi-finals to be played on Friday (or Saturday morning by ararngement)

First round matches:
Player                Match time, Thursday 26th November

Dave Archer       1845
Mark Jackson        ”

David Causey     1910
Mark Pearson       ”

Jon Robinson     1915
Paul Waiting         ”

Dave Barber       1935
Tony Hauxwell    “

Gary Major         1950
Ian Garnett          ”

Joel Howse         2000
Den Watson         ”

Chris Vance       2005
Steve Warner      ”

Tom Costelloe   2025
Shayne Holliday  “

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