Cap’n Russ reports

Kendal C team were away this week to Cockermouth and the first hurdle featured finding the courts (team captains should really know where they are going).

As usual Ian Garnett started us out in the number 5 spot versus John Greenwood and he did not disappoint, John looking a tad uneasy on the court at times and Ian going for the throat, meant this match was only going one way. The game scores being a lot closer then it looked with Ian comfortably taking the match 15-11, 15-11 and 15-8. Giving Kendal C first blood.

Meanwhile Joel Howse’s game against Ian Wood over on court one was taking a turn for the worse. Joel not really getting going and Ian’s ridiculous swing/ stroke movement- with a ‘slice backhand’ no less, had Joel second guessing his every move. Untidy but effective on Ian’s part meant the match went Cockermouth’s way 7-15, 7-15 and 8-15.

Russ Lilliebridge at number 3 taking on Phil Gemson. Accepting his newly crowned mantle of team captain, Russ had to make sure He delivered (and vowed never to get the team lost again). Taking the first set and fighting back again in the second before flying throw the third Russ “TEAM CAPTAIN” come though 15-13, 15-13 and 15-8.

Gary Major v’s Andrew Sealby. Number Fours. First meeting. My money would have been on Gary to take this in 3 and…. I would have lost. Gary’s long game and cross courts were playing right in the hands for Andrew to pick up. There should have been a lot more drop shots and tighter at the front to wear Andrew down. Gary after losing the first seemed to pick himself up and fought back to claim the second but the third and forth went all Andrew’s way taking the match in four 12-15, 15-11, 8-15 and 13-15.

Kendal 2, Cockermonth 2.
It was now all up to Chris….

Christian Hoyle versus Mike Sadler. Having meet twice before, each coming away victorious, this game could have gone either way. The first was a bit scrappy to say the least, Chris was being dragged down by Mike’s miss hits and off putting shot’s but managed to snag the first 15-7. The second and third were much the same finishing this time with Mike in front 10-15, 10-15. Time to dig deep and get it sort, Chris stopped playing Mike’s game and started playing squash, letting Mike make all the mistake and thinking about when to attack and when not. Christian seemed a different player in the forth 15-11 & fifth 15-10 finally taking the match and the night, to his credit, for the Kendal C team.

The next couple of matches are Windscale and Whithaven, this will be a real test for the C team and I am hoping they can pull together and finish this half of the draw and the year strong. Come on.

Russ Lilliebridge

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