C team slumps

Russell reports…

23.12.14 Team Squash Kendal C were away to Whitehaven B.

With an unusually strong Whitehaven B side it was the battle for fourth place, and did the top three for Kendal C cop a battering! In our worst defeat yet, so I’ll keep it short.

Ian Garnett, Joel Howes & Russell Lilliebridge started us out in the five, four & three spots and well before Ian and Joel warmed up Russ was taking an early shower being destroyed in 3, going down to Nigel Stewart 5-15, 2-15 & 4-15.

Ian however overcame Craig Hewitt in five set winning 15-6, 7-15, 15-12, 7-15 & 15-7.

Joel going down in four set with a battle against Paul Sharp 12-15, 13-15, 15-12 & 14-16.

Gary Major and Chris Hoyle found it hard at the top with a couple of Premier Players, although Gary gave it a good go, playing well but going down in 3 to Owen Barrett 7-15, 6-15, 9-15.

Chris also going down in 3 to Daniel Cronin 7-15, 4-15 & 1-15.

Well done to Ian and Joel for getting all our points tonight.

See you in the New Year.

Boo hoo – B team also lost!

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