B team wins, C team blown off track

No match for the A team this week.

The B tem had successful trip to Dalton, winning 4-1.

From the horse’s mouth: Kendal C report

Kendal C were at home entertaining Windscale B this week and it did not go all the home team’s way.

5/ Ian Garnett looking for his fourth straight win this season went up against a younger Sam Nichol , although he did it the hard way, first set going all the way with Ian just in front 16-14. In the second Ian tried to change his game a little and got hammered for it, Sam running away taking the set 4-15. Still dazed by the second Ian could not bring the third to a close, losing it 13-15. Sam looked posed to take the match but Ian was not having it, keeping Sam on court after winning the fourth 15-10 and going all the way to five sets. With Ian showing his team experience and Sam making mistakes on crucial points Ian finally braking throw in the fifth 15-13. Match 3-2.

4/ Big Joel Howse once again ripping into court three, taking on Steve Walker. Tonight Another thriller. Another fight. Another five setter. And (as it turned out) we needed it. First set could have gone either way, with Steve clinching it 13-15. The second was all Joel, his ball’s were rolling down the wall with Steve not having much to say about it, Joel evens it out 15-9. 1 set each. Both players were straight into it in the third and neither wanted to give an inch, all Joel’s tricks were out of the bag taking the set 17-15. The fourth was so nearly Joel’s, drop shots paying off, down the line paying off but somehow Steve hung in there STEALING the fourth 14-16. Fifth and final game- Huge effort put in from Joel but in wasn’t enough with Steve up 10-15. Joel just missing out! Match 2-3.

3/ Russ Lilliebridge. (how long can I write this as a “third person”) v’s Ian Richardson. Possibly the quickest match of the night saw Russ playing pretty good squash (for his standards anyway) and apart from the hiccup in the third the match was under control with Russ winning 15-7, 15-8, 7-15 & 15-10. Finishing 3-1.

1/ Just to change things up Chris Hoyle v’s Craig Richardson (but still at number 1’s). To be honest when I seen Craig playing at number 1 as replacement for an “injured” Dave Benson(played number two) I thought we had it in the bag and boy was I wrong. There were plenty of ‘lucky’ shot from what I seen from Craig and a couple of ‘off the frame work’ but he manage to pull it off. Chris’ unfortunate night, going down 7-15, 3-15 & 15-17.
Match 0-3.

Kendal 2- Windscale 2. VT(very tense).

Gary Major v’s Dave Benson, last in bat and the decider. Dave was playing at number two and injured, but still Gary had an up hill battle on his hands. The game started and the squash was good, both player’s playing nice controlled shot’s, nothing rushy, everything smooth with Dave getting the first string of points to claim the set 10-15. In the second Gary seemed to find another gear but so did Dave taking the second 12-15. The final set was all Dave looking fully uninjured and taking the third 7-15. Winning the match 0-3.

With the team performing better then expected tonight, but after a four straight week winning slog the C teams luck ran out, with a very close match up between Joel & Steve we nearly had it in the bag. Great effort guys. Next time!!.
Kendal C 2- Windscale B 3.

From resultszone player rankings

Ian- 1680 highest
Joel- 1605
Russ- 1845 highest
Gary- 1605
Chris- 1735

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