B & C teams into cup semi-finals

After a week off with a bye the Kendal C team were all fired up for their League Cup game against Carlisle C.         Cap’n Russ reports

Ian Garnett v’s Elio Garden headed us out first. Ian was a lot more comfortable on home ground/wood and rolled the first game out 15-13. Ian being pushed all the way in the second with Elio equalising at 14-14, with the two changing the lead until Ian finally went for the winner nice and tight down the forehand side and breaking though the second 18-16. Elio did not stop there though taking the third and then the forth with the quickest games of the match 9-15 and 8-15. But Ian was not finished with the games at two apiece and after his “rest” Ian dug deep and takes the game 15-11 and the match 3-2.

At the same time Joel Howse and Clem Coady where battling it out over on court three, and did the floor take a beating. Joel trying to grab the first set anyway he could but Clem not letting it go taking it 12-15. The second was much the same Joel trying and Clem not yielding taking the second same score 12-15. Joel had to pull something from his trick bag now to stay in the match and take the long road to five sets but it was not to be his night though pushing Clem further to 14-16. The match finishing 0-3

The pen is mightier than the racket

The pen is mightier than the racket


Russell Lilliebridge at number 3 taking on Craig Jefferson. There was no messing about this week as Russ did not want to be out there for long, taking the first 15-9. In the second Craig was getting loud on court, trying to get himself in the game but Russ having none of it taking the second 15-4. It was do or die for Craig in the third and he was on the way to pushing it to a forth set at 4-10 but then fell at the finish line, Russ finally winning the set 16-14 and the match 3-0.


Gary Major mug shot

Gary Major mug shot

Gary Major v’s Simon Mattlock. Having played once before and Gary going down in 3 straight set I think he was hoping for a better result this time. Simon however getting the first set 9-15. The second set seen Gary a little more fired up and on form steering the set his way 15-10. The third set was a bit one sided unfortunately the Carlisle side 5-15. Gary hanging on in the forth and pushing Simon to the bitter end but it was not meant to be and Gary going down 13-15. Match ended 1-3


Kendal 2, Carlisle 2.
It was now all up to Chris…. Again!

Christian Hoyle v’s Troy Beattie. The last time these two meet Chris managed to get one set from Troy and that was tight at 16-14. With the County Cup hopes riding in Chris’ hands the first set was all Troy(bloody Australian’s) 5-15. Chris however was not up for being brushed aside tonight fighting back to take the second 15-9. The third set was definitely tit for tat in more ways then one, Troy getting the edge 12-15. At this rate the fourth was Chris’ turn to win and as it happened levelling at 15-8. The fifth and final set for not only the match but the night was a bit tense with Troy’s ankles almost failing him and the light going out mid set, Chris was going to have the edge over the Aussie, still, the set going all the way 15-13. Match 3-2

Great win for the C team over Carlisle 3-2 to advance with the B team into the next round of the Cup. I wonder how the draw will fall?

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