Timed handicap tournament

Friday night fun tournament coming up on 23rd February. Everyone invited to enter. Includes plate competition and nibbles and prizes for winners. Drinks available. Starts 1830

Entry fee £3.00, advance entry via classes/events section of the website.

Replaces club night



  • Games are played American scoring (a point is scored regardless of who served)
  •  Each game lasts 10 minutes
  • Games start and finish when the whistle blows
  • The winner is the player with the highest score when the whistle blows
  • In the event of scores being even, one sudden-death rally is played to determine the winner
  •  The server does not need to wait for the opponent to be ready when serving
  • The marker may deduct penalty points for time wasting
  •  Starting scores adjusted so that the player with the highest handicap starts from zero. 
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